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Following God’s vision, Lavina and Kelly co-founded Isaiah Village. Bridging the gap for those who do not qualify for needed services. At Isaiah Village we know and believe that Jesus Christ is the only true source of hope. This is true for every single individual. The bible speaks of the Lord's pursuit of the one lost sheep. We too desire that not one is lost! Isaiah Village is a safe haven that stands to empower individuals with intellectual and/or developmental differences.

Individuals with I/DD are at risk for homelessness, addiction, hopelessness, depression, and suicide to name a few. Isaiah Village places great emphasis on providing individuals with the opportunity to explore and deepen their understanding of themselves in the context of their faith in Christ. By fostering this understanding, the organization seeks to establish a strong and enduring foundation for self-esteem. This process of self-discovery can contribute to personal growth, confidence, and a sense of identity rooted in faith. On this foundation, individuals will improve mental health, instill hope, value, and gain a sense of true belonging. Providing a community where we build each other up, learn new skills through everyday experiences, a circle of supports, and each other. A community that comes together on our own terms. A community where everyone has their own place and the choice of where they work, what they do, and what they learn. 

This vision is standing for and protecting our human rights. 

Image by Nathan Anderson
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