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Our mission is to empower and promote hope and independence in adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by offering affordable housing, a supportive community, and individualized, loving Christian support. Read more: 



Safety. Independence. Faith. 



Isaiah Village is a community that overflows with love and illuminates hope and independence. Our future residential community will provide housing as well as optional service amenities and programs to assist our residents in leading fulfilling and independent lives. This will ultimately lead them to achieving their full potential with individualized spiritual, emotional, vocational, and social growth. All while in a safe, accepting circle of support. With concerted efforts from governments, communities, and individuals, it’s possible to build a future where everyone has a safe place to call home and the mental peace that comes with it. 


Why the Focus on Housing? 

  • Affordable housing isn’t just about bricks and mortar—it’s intrinsically linked to mental well-being, community integration, and overall life satisfaction. Recognizing the profound relationship between housing and the wellbeing of adults with IDD is the first step in creating effective residential programs. 

  • People with IDD are among the nation’s poorest citizens. For many, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits, which are often far lower than typical rents, are their primary or sole source of income; beneficiaries are generally priced out of rental markets across the country.

  • According to US Census Data and CDC Estimates, approximately 29,000 of Pinellas County residents have an Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability. But, there are only two existing housing programs specifically for adults with I/DD. Both existing programs report waitlists in the 100s as of 2024. 


2023-2024 Activities by Isaiah Village 

  • Resident Rental Assistance. Providing independence and sustainability for adults with autism and single mothers with children that have autism in Pinellas County. 

    • Three Individuals are currently enrolled in our rental assistance program. 

    • $50,000 is provided by Isaiah Village annually to support these three residents, residents have a 4-year housing contract from 2024-2028. 

  • Embracing Abilities Together. Monthly community event with activities and entertainment suitable for all ages. Fostering connections and educating about resources available in Pinellas County for families and individuals. 

    • Thirteen community-based events have taken place so far, serving an average of fifty community members at each event. 

    • $3,000 is provided by Isaiah Village annually to support these events. 

  • Bi-Weekly Caregiver Support Group. Providing support for caregivers in partnership with the Disability Achievement Center on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. 

    • Support group has met since May of 2020 and serves between 5-10 families bi-weekly. 

    • $2,400 is provided by Isaiah Village/Disability Achievement Center annually to facilitate this support group.

  • One-on-one support. Helping families and individuals with IDD navigate the demanding administrative workload to obtain public assistance and legal services. 

    • Over 50 individuals with IDD have received assistance with benefit applications, legal proceedings, or individualized mentorship. 

    • 2,000 volunteer hours have been served to meet the support needs of these individuals. 

  • Emergency Support Fund. Designated fund to assist with utility payments and purchasing medical equipment for families with disabilities.

    • 10 individuals with IDD have received funding for utility payments, and medical devices. 

    • $5,000 has been dispersed by Isaiah Village through the Emergency Support Fund.  


Isaiah Village Affordable Housing Planned Community 

The long-term vision for Isaiah Village is to secure a 5-acre planned community to provide residents, whether permanent or temporary, with independent supportive affordable housing within an inclusive community. 


Ways You Can Support Isaiah Village

  • Consider a monthly gift to support ongoing programs at Isaiah Village. $100 covers the monthly utility payment for one of our residential units. 

  • Consider an annual gift to support resident rental assistance. $2,000 supports one residence for one full month. 

  • Make a gift of appreciated stock to support our endowment for future operations. 

  • Leave a legacy by designating Isaiah Village as a beneficiary of your IRA, Life Insurance, Real Estate or Estate Plan.

  • Sponsor a home in our future Isaiah Village Planned Community. 

  • Join our Board of Directors to support the development and oversight of Isaiah Village. 

  • Join our Capital Campaign Advisory Group to help us fundraise for our planned community. 

  • Share your ideas of how we can continue to provide a caring community for our Isaiah Village family. 

  • Please email Lavina Ward ( with any questions or if you would like to sign up to help support our community.


Isaiah Village is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Tax ID #85-4219201. Should you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact Lavina Ward via email at

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